Santa Claus must like Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen. He showed up at the soup kitchen for the second week in a row on Wednesday, Dec. 23. (Photo Album)

Santa John Knight in action.
Santa John Knight in action.

Santa, Mrs. Claus, one of his elves, and several helpers brought presents for every adult and child – personal care items, hats, scarves, gloves, face masks, toys and sweets.

There was a lot of gifts to give out as the soup kitchen was especially busy, serving 178 take-out meals in one hour, reports Interim Director Mike Pilat.

Christmas tunes from a CD player permeated the soup kitchen. One guest added to the holiday sounds. He took out a trumpet and blew some rhythmic tones while standing in the food line and then again in front of Santa.

Rainbow plays his trumpet with Santa John Knight and volunteer John Horvath looking on.
Santa's Elf (Elvira Turpin)) and Mrs. Claus (Lynda Schmelcher)
Santa’s Elf (Elvira Turnpin) and Mrs. Claus (Lynda Schmelcher) help distribute masks and goodies.
Santa's Helper Jessica Monnat 6577 23
Santa’s Helper Jessica Monnat motions for the next soup kitchen guest to come forward to receive gifts.
Volunteers serve meals
Volunteers served 178 take-out meals in one hour.