Founding Group

A coordinating group, led by Deacon Gilbert Nadeau, was the organizing force behind the launch of the soup kitchen in 2008. The group included parishioners, friends of the parish, and members of the Secular Franciscan Order (Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis).

Deacon Gilbert Nadeau, chairman, and facility/supply coordinator.
Fr. Richard Dellos, pastor.
Bob & Donna Oderkirk, food production coordinators.
Rick Roberts, OFS, & Rose Marie Roberts, volunteer coordinators.
Katie Koscinski, OFS, training, and Franciscan Service coordinator.
Joanne Lockwood, OFS, quality control coordinator.
Bonnie Woods, community ambassador.
Robert & Mary Stronach, OFS, hospitality, & PR/publicity coordinator.
Fred Rode, security coordinator.
Donna Nelson, Carmelite liaison.

Other Founding Volunteers

Toni Falk
Rita Fisching
Michael Furner
Joyce Lachacz
Patty Lavigne
Blair Kahler
Kathy Kane
Walter & Joyce Keesler
Vicki Montalbano
Alicia Osmundson
Mary Paratore
Mike Rizzo
Sarah Shaheen
Barbara Sharp
Mary Shaw
Milinda Vogel
Doris Yager
Maggie Zywiak

Tom & Josephine Abounader
Maryanne Davis
Ann Furner
Bob Hodkinson
Patricia Iagnacco & Family
Anne Longo
Deb McAllister
Kathy & Gordon Morrock
Karen Price
Marilyn & Dave Schwalback
Rosemary Tamer
Tony Weber

Karl Schmitt

Jim Caldwell
Justin Gary

(covering every Wednesday and/or other assignments)
Estelle Barton (OFS friend).
Josephine Cosco, OFS.
Betty Frank, OFS.
Sue Freitas, OFS.
Jo Ginnity, OFS.
Dianne Hnat, OFS.
Mary Schmitt, OFS.
MaryJane Schofield, OFS.
Laura Sfiers (OFS friend)
Jeannette Williams, OFS.