TOP PHOTO: A statue of Christ as a beggar was dedicated to the people of Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen in 2017 at the soup kitchen’s 9th anniversary celebration. Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz titled the sculpture, “When I was hungry and thirsty.”

“We try to see the image of Christ in the people we serve.”– a volunteer.

“It goes beyond feeding the hungry. We’ve become a place of warmth and welcome.” — director.

Soup kitchen volunteers

Volunteers in Action
Photos by Nancy Robert,
Bob Stronach & Others
2019 Volunteer Dinner
Photos by Bob Stronach


Our Volunteers

Josie Abounader
Samantha Acosta
Dom Ambrose
Doug Ambrose
Joe Antonik
Pat Ball
Helen Boswell
Brad Campbell
Patricia Carrier
Julie Crandall
Joanne Czerw
Bob Decker
Terry Decker
Laurie DeBejian
Gloria Duffy
Sue Geroux
Theresa Grazzado
Jackie Howard
Kathy Howard
Debbie Horvat
Jim Hubbard
Lucretia Hunt
John Knight
Sandy Kopek
Claudia LaGrant
Lynda Lewis
Daniel Mecca
Bill Militello
Steve Orcutt
Mike Pilat
Ann Popeo
MaryLynn Rabisz
Jack Riley
Bob Schmelcher
Lynda Schmelcher
Shirley Schmelcher
Barb Sharpe
Bob Surprenant
Theresa Smith
Tom Smith
Cheryl Wakeel
Linda Walker
John Ziobro