Kithen Manager

Michael Pilat

Boutique Coordinator

Nancy Robert

Director Emeritus

Edward Morgan (November 29, 1959 – April 5, 2021)

Advisory Board

Emeritus Member: deceased pastor Fr. Richard Dellos
Fr. Tom Servatius, pastor
Darren Woods, chair
Mary Gearhart, vice chair
Joe Antonik, treasurer
Rebeccah Philipson, secretary
Concetta Carcone, OFS
Rick Signorelli
Robert Stronach, OFS
Linda Walker

Bee Wehrle and Jennifer DeFazio, parish office liaison


Robert Stronach, OFS, past chair, and public relations

Members of the Advisory Board are actively involved in the soup kitchen operations through such actions as providing construction/engineering support, donating and maintaining this website, grant writing, financial expertise, policy guidance, management oversight, and helping in the soup kitchen.