Thank you! God bless you!

We could say that a thousand times and it still wouldn’t be enough… because our donors make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Their grants and donations make it possible to upgrade our facility and acquire equipment and supplies (even food and winter clothing for those in desperate need over the holidays).

We equally are touched by the generosity of businesses, supermarkets and educational institutions who donate their expertise, materials and food (both fresh and non-perishable supplies). We do purchase a lot of food and kitchen supplies, and even then we are continually amazed at how much extra they just give us.

What’s astouding is that many donors thank us for allowing them to help.

They truly are a blessing, and we know that God is blessing them too.

Major benefactors

Community Foundatiaon logo

Community Foundation of Oneida and Herkimer Counties

  • Ron and Sheila Cuccaro 
  • Utica National Group Foundation
  • M&T/Partners Trust Bank Charitable Trust
  • Mele Family Fund
  • Lisa Lemieux
Ed Morgan receives $10,000 Community Choice Award from Ron & Sheila Cuccaro.
Soup Kitchen Director Ed Morgan receives $10,000 Community Choice Award from Ron & Sheila Cuccaro and Community Foundation representatives on Oct. 17, 2018.

Wednesday (Oct 17, 2018) was an amazing day – a glorious day, a magical gift. We were overwhelmed. We do not have the words to express the appreciation we have for your generosity and your joyful way of giving.

We thank God who has brought us such caring and loving benefactors, who understand the plight of our guests and the important role we all play in making their days meaningful and manageable.

Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen will have a welcoming new look thanks to you – more open, more efficient, more sanitary.

— Advisory Board Chair John Sullivan and Director Ed Morgan